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To chisel is to use a sharp or strong tool to create a work of art, whether in wood or stone, or perhaps to even tone a person’s body. In the United States, the fitness industry is estimated to be worth $21.8 billion* a year, and supplements to improve health and body tone are worth $11.5 billion**.

Cut out the extraneous portions of an unworked object and you are left with a beautiful sculpture, a finely crafted piece of furniture, or perhaps an ultra-fit body. To chisel is to wield the tools necessary to carve away stone, wood, or fat and enhance the fine lines of the grain or muscle to bring out their natural beauty. The chisel is also the tool itself and must be a sharpened material harder than the surface to be carved.

Even today, when so many items are machine made, hand tool sales are worth $12 billion*** annually. It is an innate desire of many humans to create things by hand with a loving touch. The use of hand tools, including the many types of chisels for working wood and stone, is not a lost art.

Turning a rough piece of wood or a flabby body into a work of art is a noble ambition, and one that presents opportunities for those who are savvy to profit.

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*** http://www.ibisworld.com/industry/default.aspx?indid=617

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